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Product Design & Digital Communications 


Hi! My name is Diana. I'm a student at the New School. At the moment, I'm really interested in fashion design, furniture and home goods design, with a particular focus on textiles. 

I am a very devoted person. I'm devoted to my friends and family; I'm devoted to my studies; and I'm devoted to my designs and ideas. And I always try to make this devotion seen in my final designs.

Design process — from the early stages of  is my strongest skill that I employ to communicate layers of visual narrative through covert and overt artistic iterations. I begin with a simple yet eloquent concept, infuse it with meaning and dynamism and transform it into a functional item with a unique design and story.


Parsons School of Design, 2021 - present

BFA, Product Design

BA, Journalism + Design

High School of Economics, 2018-2021

Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

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