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A Vessel

This project delves into the timeless concept of the vessel, tracing its roots back to its earliest forms. From the primal simplicity of cupped palms holding water to the complex symbolism imbued in modern vessels, both their functional and conceptual dimensions are explored.


The culmination of this exploration materializes in a striking embodiment of the vessel archetype: a vase. A fusion of elemental elegance and contemporary ingenuity. Crafted from wood with a mesmerizing grain pattern, the vase exudes organic charm while serving as a vessel for a vessel. At its heart lies a single test tube, holding a solitary blue rose. This juxtaposition of the natural and the artificial, the simple and the sophisticated, evokes a profound sense of wonder.


The blue rose, with its unnatural hue and subtle allusion to the laboratory setting, stands out against the warm tones of the wood, inviting contemplation on the intersection of nature and technology, simplicity and complexity. In this elegant synthesis, the vase transcends its utilitarian purpose to become a vessel of meaning, inviting viewers to ponder the essence of beauty, function, and the eternal cycle of life.

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