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Styling culture

For this styling project I curated four distinct looks using garments from my closet, each subtly capturing Slavic culture and my Russian identity. Drawing inspiration from folk tales, fables, historical figures, and traditional costume motifs, I considered color palettes, accessories, and attention to detail to craft an image of a powerful woman, which is so prevalent in Russian culture. Each ensemble tells a story, evoking the rich tapestry of Russian heritage while maintaining a contemporary and wearable aesthetic.

Look 1: Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is an Eastern Slavic holiday that marks the beginning of spring. It has deep roots in Slavic mythology and is often associated with rituals aimed at ensuring a good harvest and warding off evil spirits.

This look was crafted, drawing from Russian folk tales and mythology, symbols and traditions A single braid symbolizes honor and pride. Pearl jewelry carries multiple symbolic meanings, from tears to heavenly aspirations, and was a prominent feature in the costume. The dominant red hue, synonymous with beauty in Russian culture is present in details like the shoes, and a scarf.


Look 2: Pionerka

This look draws upon both traditional Slavic culture and its repressive communist past. The long white dress, reminiscent of a traditional cotton shirt, is adorned with intricate embroidery and lace detailing inspired by Slavic folk patterns. Pearl jewelry with contemporary twists adds elegance and sophistication, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. Sleek botfort boots with subtle references to Slavic footwear provide a stylish yet practical grounding. Vibrant red accents are similarly prevalent in this look, integrated in the scarf tied in a nod to Soviet pioneers.

Drawing inspiration from the fierce historical figure of Princess Olga of Kyiv, known for her acts of vengeance and independency, this look exudes strength and daring. It combines a striking red blazer with lacy black pants, evoking both power and sophistication. A dragon necklace, symbolizing fire and rage, adds a touch of intrigue and historical symbolism, while the bold red color signifies passion and determination.


To honor Princess Olga's legacy, a hair accessory reminiscent of traditional princess attire elegantly adorns the hair, infusing the ensemble with regal charm. Despite its historical references, this modern interpretation remains suitable for everyday wear, embodying the timeless spirit of strong, independent women.

Look 3: Olga


Look 4: Snegurka

This look pays homage to a timeless elegance and grace of Snegurochka, the beloved granddaughter of Father Frost in Russian folklore. Embracing her signature color palette of whites, the look strives to achieve a modern interpretation. A French-inspired lace shirt in pristine white harmonizes with black lace pants, creating a striking contrast that mirrors Snegurochka's delicate balance of lightness and depth. A hair accessory adds a touch of style and keeps warm, nodding to the practicality associated with the winter season. Gloves on a string and hoop earrings complete the look with bold details. 

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