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Poetry of the Mundane

Inspired by the enchanting simplicity found in Wong Kar Wai's cinematic masterpieces, these posters are designed to disrupt the monotony of urban advertising by encapsulating the romanticized essence of city life. Drawing from Wong Kar Wai's signature color palette and evocative use of lighting, the images within the series delve into the mundane routines of everyday existence. Each poster offers a poetic reinterpretation of familiar scenes, from waiting for an elevator to crossing the street on a green light, infusing these ordinary moments with a sense of wonder and introspection.

The central character in this series serves as a symbol of someone striving to break free from the repetitive cycle of identical days, injecting a touch of magic into the otherwise banal and uninspiring urban landscape. Through the lens of these posters, the cityscape is transformed into a canvas of possibility, where even the most routine actions hold a glimmer of poetry and intrigue.

Designed to be strategically placed throughout New York City at the very locations that inspired them, these posters aim to engage passersby in a moment of reflection and appreciation for the beauty hidden within the fabric of everyday life. By blending Wong Kar Wai's cinematic aesthetic with the urban backdrop of NYC, this series invites viewers to pause, ponder, and rediscover the enchantment woven into the tapestry of their own city experiences.

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