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Icarus Light Pendant

 Drawing inspiration from the timeless myth of Icarus, this pendant design blends both into private residences and hospitality venues. Available in various sizes, it effortlessly adapts to any interior dimension, infusing spaces with a blend of classical allure and contemporary sophistication. Reflecting the tragedy and beauty of Icarus’s tale, this pendant evokes a sense of graceful movement juxtaposed with unwavering stability. Crafted to emit a warm amber light, it serves as both a functional illuminator and a decorative element. Its lustrous copper adds a touch of natural beauty, transforming with the introduction of additional light sources. Whether showcased individually or grouped together, these pendants offer boundless potential for creating distinctive atmospheres and visual experiences.

LIGHT 1_edited.jpg
Materials: copper sheet, brass rings, fishline, LED Lighbulb


Each intricately textured copper feather is connected to the next with brass rings, creating a dramatic, swirling motion that mimics the embrace of a warm amber light, symbolizing the sun. Suspended by an invisible fishline, the pendant appears to float, evoking a sense of descent and a drama of the fall.

The swirling pattern inside the vintage LED lightbulb mimics the shape of the pendant, connecting the unique motion and becoming a connecting element between the inside and the outside structure of the light. 

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