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Garment Collection: 11/30/2023

The designs of the 11.30.2023 collection draw inspiration from the legendary and enigmatic Chelsea Hotel. This collection is a reflection of New York's Bohemia in the 80s, capturing the essence of free-spirited artists whose lives were shaped by desires and emotions. It delves into the historical backdrop of the Chelsea Hotel, exploring the mysteries, unfortunate events, and even tragic deaths that occurred within its walls. The narrative extends to the Russian émigré poets and authors residing in the adjacent hotel, weaving a tapestry of cultural influences.

Furthermore, the collection addresses contemporary issues, notably the rights of the LGBTQ community. The title serves as a direct allusion to the legislative actions taken by the Russian government on 11/30/2023, where they implemented a ban on "the LGBTQ movement." Through these designs, there is a profound dedication to those who face daily struggles in a country where their lives and identities are disregarded. This collection becomes a poignant tribute to resilience, drawing attention to the harsh realities individuals endure when their existence is marginalized and devalued.

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